Our teachers pay attention to the children’s interests and develop themes and projects through which the children can expand their knowledge and skills in various areas.

The four year old child is able to make more independent choices, develop the ability to work with peers in small and large groups, and demonstrate control of his or her own behavior in a more stable environment. Our program will provide four year olds with access to activities that integrate math, literacy and cognitive skills. Children will learn through active engagement with materials and begin to use symbols to represent information; drawings, patterns, letters and numbers. The emphasis on enhanced vocabulary, phonological awareness, literature elements and number sense will be emphasized in an integrated curriculum that meets your child’s individual needs.

Our program will provide four year olds with access to activities that integrate math, literacy and cognitive skills.

With Angel Learning Center you will see:

•Language and literacy skills:

Teachers will read to children every day, sometimes one-to-one and other times in a group. They will invite children to join in while reading books with repetitive or rhyming words and phrases, and they engage children in discussions about the characters, setting, and plot. Throughout the day, children talk with adults and with other children. Younger children begin to experiment with writing, at times making scribbles (for example, under a picture) that they identify as writing. Some children can write their names or other short words; others are not ready to do so. Our teachers will focus learning experiences that help children hear distinctions and patterns in language sounds and begin to make some letter-sound connections. Our teachers will support literacy learning in English and in the any other language the parent selects for their child to learn specifically.

•Mathematics and science:

Our students will construct with different sizes of blocks; the will work with different hands-on manipulatives to sort and count, compare and order; they will talk about the weather every day, go on nature walks, and measure and record the changes in the environment. Children learn about levers and gears and other wonders through water exploration and sand tables. We also have the use of the culinary lab, an interactive ecosystem and STEM laboratory on campus.

•Social studies:

You will hear our teachers talk with children about their communities and about local, national, or world events of interest to them. Our teachers will plan experiences that make these events meaningful to children this age. Our curriculum will also show respect for the children’s home cultures while connecting children’s experiences to those of children and families in other places.

•Art, music, drama, and dance:

The children have easy access to a wide variety of dress-up clothes and props they need for dramatic play. Daily, there are times for singing songs and listening and moving to music. Songs and music connect children to their home languages and cultures. The classroom is well stocked with crayons and markers (which 3- to 4-year-olds can easily manipulate) as well as paints and paper, and children are encouraged to express themselves through these media.